Existing Client Support


If you have any enquiries or you have encountered a technical problem, please contact the administrator.

Please provide the following information when placing a call:

1 State that you are an ArcelorMittal South Africa Vanderbijlpark Works Internet Client. 
2 Your full name and surname. 
3 Your company name.
4 Your login name
5 The type of problem or request:
    5.1 On-line account related
           5.1.1 On-line user not yet active
           5.1.2 Incorrect particulars of on-line user
           5.1.3 Incorrect profile of on-line account
    5.2 System related
           5.2.1 Which Application (e.g. Product catalogue or/and Tax Invoice)
           5.2.2 Specific error OR Message displayed on the Web Browser
           5.2.3 A criteria is specified but no Hits are returned
    5.3 Infrastructure related
          5.3.1 Which Application (e.g. Product catalogue or/and Tax Invoice)
          5.3.2 Slow response
          5.3.3 Time-out errors
          5.3.4 Web server errors
          5.3.5 Web browser displays distorted images, off colours
   5.4 Any other miscellaneous errors
          5.4.1 The details of the request or problem.

For general queries, please contact 016 889 9111