A data sheet describes the technical attributes of a specific 'standard product' range, or a range of ‘standard products’. For example, it may give the availability and properties of a product in terms of a steel specification, or the dimensional tolerances for a whole range of products.

Data sheets are compiled by metallurgists and engineers and it is inevitable that some technical terms, abbreviations and symbols used in the text, may not be familiar to non-technical end-users. Please refer to the “More about datasheets” link to view the detailed explanations of the terms used in the datasheets.

The following list indicates the reference numbers used for each of the product groups at ArcelorMittal Flat Steel Products, Vanderbijlpark Works:

Reference numbers starting with ‘A’: Hot rolled plate and strip
Reference numbers starting with ‘B’: Cold rolled coil
Reference numbers starting with ‘EG’ - Electrogalvanised coil
Reference numbers starting with ‘C’ - Galvanised coil, Colour coil - Chromadek® and Tinplate coil

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